[CD REVIEW] 范曉萱&100% (Mavis Fan & 100%) – 赤子 (Innocent) (2009)

[CD REVIEW] 范曉萱&100% (Mavis Fan & 100%) – 赤子 (Innocent) (2009)

Everything Hits at Once

LABEL: 吃草的魚 (Vegetarian Fish)
LANGUAGE: 國語 (Mandarin)
RELEASE DATE: 2009-08-10

Like the album cover of 赤子 (Innocent) suggests, this is a completely fresh reworking of the band’s sound and dynamic.  With the contrasting image of a hollowly staring 范曉萱 (Mavis Fan) and fellow band members lying casually on a grassy hill, the second full length from Mavis fronted band is both a serious and fun endeavor.  Taking up a similar solo to full band approach as Japan’s 椎名林檎 (Shiina Ringo) and 東京事変 (Tokyo Jihen), the results of Mavis’s transition from a solo artist to taking up a full band arrangement has fully come to fruition on Innocent.  With a 10+ year singing career behind her, the album features an even more engrossing and developed sound than the band’s previous debut –– 突破 (Climax).

Opening with a misleadingly quiet intro, first track “鬼打牆” (“Ghost Hit Wall”) picks up midway with an explosion of cymbal crashing and guitar playing.  The almost psychedelic sounding ending guitar solo hints at the strange and quirky aural surprises to be found in the remaining 9 tracks.  Taking musical cues from everything ranging from Jazz, Disco to Punk Rock.  The band works through a chameleon of musical styles and integrates them all to fit into a sound that is distinctively their own.  The members manage this through the shining command of their respective instruments –– just a listen to ending track “一起” (“Together”), with its intentional haphazard guitar lines, varied drum rhythms and intricate bass lines. Shows that these guys not only know what they are doing, but also know how to have some fun along the way.   Tying the musical madness together is Mavis’s playful and exuberant voice. Comfortable as ever, Mavis sounds right at home on these tracks; her vocals go from being eccentric on “電影” (“Movie”), soulful on “主人” (“Master”) to being simply childlike on “幽默感” (“Humor”).  What is probably most remarkable is that even with such a diversity of music, things never come off as being forced.   In essence, the songs consistently feel like a bunch of musicians having a good time, and this natural/organic feeling is translated through the music to the listener.

With Innocent, 范曉萱&100% (Mavis Fan & 100%) has come up with a celebratory album that revels in the act of getting mostly everything right.  A listen to the album can be a moving experience –– as it not only offers challenging and inspiring music, but more importantly highlights the sheer joy and fun of making music.

主人 | 范曉萱&100%

Recommended tracks: 01, 05, 10

Track Listing:
01. 鬼打牆 (Ghost Hit Wall)
02. 裡面外面 (Inside, Outside)
03. 電影 (Movie)
04. 我要去哪裡 (Where do I go?)
05. 主人 (Master)
06. 明白 (Understand)
07. 管他什麼音樂 (Whatever Music)
08. 黯淡的夜 (Still Night)
09. 幽默感 (Humour)
10. 一起 (Together)


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  1. Rix
    Posted 四月 12, 2014 at 8:32 下午 | Permalink

    Could you please provide a link to buy this album? iTunes in USA and Amazon do not have album available. Please help!

  2. lojun
    Posted 四月 16, 2014 at 1:03 上午 | Permalink

    Hi Rix, You can get the album from Yesasia at the following link: Mavis Fan “Innocent”. Not sure where you can purchase it digitally though? Hope this helps!

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