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[CD REVIEW] Hungry Ghosts – EP2 (2012)

Taking its name from the Chinese Buddhist religious saying, Hungry ghosts are a four piece rock band from Hong Kong that isn’t as “hungry” as their name would suggest… More
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[香港] 「餓鬼」出籠 Hungry Ghosts2月4日推出《EP2》

香港獨立搖滾樂隊Hungry Ghosts,將於2月4日推出他們的第二張EP《EP2》, 延續 了他們自09年的首張唱片建立起來的搖滾風格。《EP2》於Redroom錄音和荷蘭作mastering,將收錄5首作品。樂隊已把EP內的數首...
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