[CD REVIEW] 秋紅 - Qiu Hong (2006)

[CD REVIEW] 秋紅 – Qiu Hong (2006)

Torn leaves on a warm autumn night

LABEL: 獨立發行 (Indie)
LANGUAGE: 粵語 (Cantonese)
RELEASE DATE: 2006-07-31

Since winning the World Battle of the Bands in 2005, this young Hong Kong band has made waves in the local HK band scene.  Constant touring and shows, have led up to their eponymous first album which was released in mid 2006.

秋紅 (Qiu Hong) plays music that can probably be classified as alternative rock with hints of nu metal.  Nothing revolutionary by any means; but in light of emerging from the canto pop dominant Hong Kong music market can only be seen as a god sent.

I don’t believe classification fully works for Qiu Hong’s case though, of course hints of down-tuned nu metal riffs, soft/loud dynamics, and dissonant chords can be heard…etc.  But what Qiu Hong does with what it learns from its foreign brethren is nothing short of magical.  The sounds are definitely there –– ambitious arrangements and good sounding riffs really help push this band away from the standard HK band status quo.  When things work (as they often do) the band’s sounds confident and has a definite sound that is very much their own.

Most of the album falls within medium tempo metallic workouts; though some variety can be found –– possible ballad “城內入夜” (“Night”), moody epic “英雄” (“Hero”) and Post Rockish instrumental “2:38am“ provide rests from standard rockers such as “落葉” (“Falling Leaves”) and 零捌北京 (“2008 Beijing”).  The songs here mostly consist of big guitar riffs, pulse stopping drum beats, solid bass rhythms and a singer that certainly gives it his all.  Lead singer Jan Lo (ex. Tatflip) gives a spectacular performance by providing his heart wrenching scream on most tracks.

I do however, feel that the production is a bit lacking, and there are areas where the guys could improve technically.  But these concerns are minor, and will be soon forgotten once the thunderous drums and head crushing riffs of “圍住我” (“Break the wall”) start pounding your ear drums.

落葉 | 秋紅

Recommended tracks: 02, 07, 10

Track Listing:
01. Intro
02. 圍住我 (Break The Wall)
03. 落葉 (Falling Leaves)
04. 火花 (Spark)
05. 離不開 (Linger)
06. 2:38 a.m
07. 城內入夜 (Night)
08. 零捌北京 2008 (Beijing)
09. 柒點壹 (1st Of July)
10. 英雄 (Hero)
11. 匈奴 (Xiong Nu)


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