[CD REVIEW] 肆伍 (Four Five) – (Self Titled) (2009)

[CD REVIEW] 肆伍 (Four Five) – (Self Titled) (2009)

Why So Serious?

LABEL: Big Mic Records
LANGUAGE: 國語 (Mandarin)
RELEASE DATE: 2009-02-01

This self titled EP from mainland Metal group 肆伍樂隊 (Four Five) runs through 4 adrenaline pumped rockers that show that Chinese Metal can be ever as brutal as your Lamb of God and Unearth.  Like the aforementioned bands, Four Five excels in cookie monster vocals accompanied by pummeling distorted riffs and barrages of blast beats.  They are a tight band that definitely knows their metal bread and butter (double bass, syncopated riffs, brutal screaming…pinch harmonics) and is not afraid to show them.  Basically their music should not have any problems getting nods of approval from any Death Metal/Metalcore aficionado.

What sets these guys apart though, are the hints of humor that can be found sprinkled in their music.  The first intro track is an accordion piece that would not sound out of place at a carnival.  The convolutedly titled third track “我在水中…顏” (“In the water…face”) has such a forced heavy sound that it’s hard not to feel that it may just be a joke altogether.  The highlight song on the EP is probably “粉碎機” (“Destro-Machine”) which starts itself as a full on Metalcore track but suddenly shifts to an unexpected Spanish Flamingo guitar fade out.

I always find it refreshing to hear Heavy Metal bands that play off the humorous aspect of their music, case in point –– Tool, with their meshing of both the metaphysical and plain goofiness.  Sometimes it just is not necessary to be so serious, especially when the trappings of Extreme Heavy Metal make the genre feel kind of like a joke in itself.  Ugh Hum, well that is unless you are named the “Eviler than thou” Nordic Black Metal band Immortal of course…

粉碎機 | 肆伍

Recommended tracks: 02, 04

Track Listing:
01. 序曲 (Intro)
02. 粉碎機 (Destro-Machine)
03. 我在水中看著你用辛酸痛苦裝飾容顏 (In the Water, I can see your Pain Covered Face)
04. 我的城市 (Our City)
05. 幾則條例 (A Few Rules)


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