[CD REVIEW] 殺蟲水 (Insecticide) – Shout (2010)

[CD REVIEW] 殺蟲水 (Insecticide) – Shout (2010)

Shout Out!

LABEL: Tenfists Records
LANGUAGE: 英語 (English)
RELEASE DATE: 2010-03-13

After years of having songs included in various compilations such as 情緒中國 2 (King Size China 2) and 磨合辑 (Mill). Canton post-hardcore regulars, 殺蟲水 (Insecticide) have finally released their first official record debut, Shout in March.  For longtime followers of the band, instantly noticeable is the absence of their previous singer 阿葛 (God), who has since been replaced by German newcomer Marcus.  Though God did have a more raspy and distinctive growl, the member change does not really affect the band’s signature sound much, as Marcus can scream like the best of them.

Out of the 9 songs on Shout, 6 are new while “Day To Night” and “Home” are English versions of previously recorded tracks “日出日落” (“Day and Night”) and “家園” (“Home”).  Now with complete English lyrics, the new versions of these 2 songs retain the intensity of the originals but benefit from the improved recordings.  Though I do miss the band’s Cantonese lyrics, the English lyrics are far from being bad.  The other tracks on the album follow in the vein of these 2 aforementioned tracks, all with intense double bass drumming, metal guitar riffs and maniacal screaming.  This is a good thing, as Insecticide has always been a technically proficient band, and pulls these technical feats with ease.  From the syncopated drum fills in “Thinking Man” to the killer chasing guitar riff that is at the heart of “Kill My Name”.  Shout acts like a reminder of the best parts of post-hardcore bands such as Saosin and Silverstein to heavier metalcore bands such as Killswitch Engage.

The album ends with an acoustic rendition of “Day to Night”.  A departure from the hard style of the previous tracks cuts all instrumentation down to just vocals and acoustic guitar.  The star of this song is definitely Marcus’s vocals, his smooth voice fits perfectly with the laid back strums of the guitar, he sings “At the end of the day, see yourself confident, walking home. Goodnight, goodnight.”  Paints a bittersweet picture of the setting sun and the welcoming of night.  The song is just a great way to close off the album and is definitely a personal highlight.

Recommended tracks: 02, 03, 09

Track Listing:
01. Locked City
02. Kill My Name
03. Day To Night
04. My Way
05. Where
06. Home
07. The Alley
08. Thinking Man
09. Day To Night (Acoustic Version)


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