[CD REVIEW] UNiXX – 7 Deadly Sins (2010)

[CD REVIEW] UNiXX – 7 Deadly Sins (2010)

At the Gates of Hell

LABEL: Lona Records
LANGUAGE: 英語 (English)
RELEASE DATE: 2010-01-16

After what has been a long 6 years since their previous release, Nasty Fantasy in 2004.  Hong Kong Shoegazers UNiXX are back with an even darker release than the aforementioned record.  The release, aptly titled 7 Deadly Sins could be compared as being the musical equivalent to the famous The Gates of Hell sculpture by French artist Auguste Rodin.  The Gates of Hell, which could arguably be called Rodin’s life’s work, is based on the Inferno section of Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy and depicts the protagonist Dantes decent into the circles of Hell.  In Dante Alighieri’s work, Hell is a place that is filled with sinners that are forever tormented for the sins they have committed (ie, Lust, Gluttony, Violence…etc).  In Rodins work this torment in Hell is re-imagined in detail upon the bronze surface of his sculpture.  Similarly, 7 Deadly Sins is its own depiction of Hell in music form –– a detailed account that is filled with dark ambiances and multi-layered textures that encourages repeated listens to discover all the musical nuances.

The album starts off with “Wasted”, which is an old track off of Nasty Fantasy.  Though the song has not undergone much change, it fits with the dark mood of the record and acts as a good opening.   “Love Is Only For The Strange” is next and starts on an exotic sounding guitar riff that gives way to singer Sean P. Yung’s distinct feminine wails.  Alongside Sean’s voice are pulsating bass lines, mechanical drums and distorted guitar drones.  The elements in this track make up the core of UNiXX’s sound –– an eerie caustic form of rock that is both familiar and distinct.  Like taking the best parts from early shoegaze and post-punk bands such as Jesus and the Mary Chain or Ride, UNiXX takes these influences and crafts them into something that is distinctly theirs.  The result is a tortured sound that is fitting of the albums title.

Other notable tracks include “Burnout”, which features a menacing guitar riffs that conjures up images of tormented souls screaming for redemption in the pits of Hell.  Or the ghostly minimal soundscapes of the title track “7 Deadly Sins”, which would not sound out of place in a horror movie.  Rounding up the album is a remix of Black Shadow done by local sound artist, Alok.  The track is a dark ebm remix in the vein of the works from Front 242 or Throbbing Gristles, and takes the original track from Nasty Fantasy and makes it even more menacing sounding –– a fitting ending for a menacing release.

Dead Man Walking (live at Stagetube) | UNiXX

Recommended tracks: 02, 07, 09

Track Listing:
01. Wasted
02. Love Is Only For The Strangers
03. Perfect Betrayer
04. Dead Man Walking
05. 7 Deadly Sins
06. Diminishing Memories
07. Burnout
08. Shut It
09. Vanish
10. Black Shadow (Remix 2 by Alok @ A Roller Control)


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