[CD REVIEW] Forget the G – Prologue (2010)

[CD REVIEW] Forget the G – Prologue (2010)

The art of restraint and release

LABEL: Day’s Eye Records
LANGUAGE: 英語 (English)
RELEASE DATE: 2010-05-01

Hailing from the place people have been calling the Las Vegas of Asia; Forget the G is an alternative, post-rock band based in Macau.  Originally formed in 2005, their debut album Prologue was released in early May of this year.  Unlike bands like The Killers or Panic! at the disco, which reflects their Las Vegas roots through their indulgent music and flamboyant attitude, Forget the G’s music is far more subtle and understated.  Their sound is one that fits somewhere between the direct post grunge attack of the Foo Fighters and the heart wrenching post-rock sounds from bands like Mogwai or Explosions in the Sky.

With that in mind, Forget the G’s music is not that easy to pigeonhole.  “Prologue” starts humble enough, opening with a circling phaser sound that acts as an invitation for the piano, drums and bass.  As the instrumentation is kept sparse, the song slowly builds momentum and the creeping music is like a hunting tiger ready to pounce.  By the time the glorious chorus comes crashing in, we the listeners cannot help but feel relieved by it’s release.  This is also what is most unique with the band, the command of both restraint and release in their music.  Not content on just throwing everything they have all at once, the band knows how to set up moods and are able to hit that much harder when they choose to.  Songs like the two part “Farewell And Goodbyes” and “Let It Rain” takes on a similar approach to “Prologue,” and is built upon musical peaks and dips.  Peaking like the unexpected massive guitar riff during the 4 minute mark of “Farewell And Goodbyes (Part II)” and dipping during the extensive piano vamping at the 2nd verse of the same song.

While tracks mentioned above are rather allusive, “Bottomless Pit” is more direct.  Retaining the use of dynamics, this track has less mood shifts, and in a way could be easier to digest.  Rounding up the tracks are both instrumental tracks “Intro” and “Interlude ~A Passage~,” which are effective mood pieces that establish the ambiance.

With Prologue, Forget the G has uniquely carved out a sound for themselves; and if the album title is indicated of anything –– the next main chapters will not be anything less than remarkable.  Let’s just say expectations are high.

As a side note –– when I stare at the cover of Prologue I can’t help but notice the fish bowl held by the young girl.  The use of the goldfish as a symbol is used pertinently by the band, and can be seen adorning everything from the band’s promotional pictures to business cards.  I wonder if the meaning for this has anything to do with “restraint and release.”   Where the fishbowl symbolizes restraint, and the actual goldfish symbolizes the idea and hope of escape and release?  Probably not, but an interesting thought nonetheless.

Prologue | Forget the G

Recommended tracks: 02, 05, 06

Track Listing:
01. Intro
02. Prologue
03. Bottomless Pit
04. Let It Rain
05. Farewell And Goodbyes (Pt. II)
06. Farewell And Goodbyes (Pt. III)
07. Interlude ~A Passage~


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