[CD REVIEW] Hungry Ghosts – EP2 (2012)

[CD REVIEW] Hungry Ghosts – EP2 (2012)

Pushing Forward

LABEL: 獨立發行 (Independently Released)
LANGUAGE: 英語 (English)
RELEASE DATE: 2012-02-04

Taking its name from the Chinese Buddhist religious saying, Hungry ghosts are a four piece rock band from Hong Kong that isn’t as “hungry” as their name would suggest. Having released their first ep in 2009, the band is back in 2012 with a second release simply titled EP2.

I haven’t really heard their first release before, so I am unable to give any perspective on the changing of their music style if any, but what I hear on EP2 I like. Opening with the energetic “You and Me”, we are treated to jangling and dangling arpeggios that gives nods to the sound championed by many-a-Japanese math rock bands. Not to be misconstrued as run of the mill, what separates the band is the interesting vocal play off by lead singer Luke Chow and bassist Tiffany Jade Laue. These harmonies by Jade Laue add a new dimension to their sound, and provide the listener with a focus point during the music chaos that goes off in the background.

If there is one complaint to be said, is that there isn’t a whole lot of variety to be found on this five-tracker. As most tracks seem to follow the sound established on the first track, and by “Journey is Destination” things just start to melt and blend into each other. But we hope this situation will be rectified when the band takes their first bite at the long player – I’m sure the band will appreciate the additional room to spice things up too.


EP Teaser | Hungry Ghosts

Track Listing / 專輯曲目:
01. You & Me
02. Survival
03. This Noise
04. Journey is Destination
05. Modus Vivendi


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